Bed Size Quilts - Four Patch Variation
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4 patch variation (triangles) - this quilt took me a long time to complete. the process involved a lot of intense work over weeks that resulted in about one square foot of finished area! But i loved working with the solid colours - maybe a reaction after a period of time when i worked a lot with patterned materials - and particularly with the shiny material. this quilt is associated with a moment that quilters dream about, yearn for, fantasize about - STASH ENHANCEMENT - when visiting a thrift shop in Old Colwyn, North Wales i was invited into their back room which was literally knee deep in yards of material (!!!) for sale (very cheaply). it was heavenly, a dream come true... some of the material i bought there was used in this quilt. i had a lot of fun making different patterns with the triangles within each block. the busy pattern full of points and sharp colours caused John to remark that when he looks at this quilt it makes him feel like he has a migraine. Professionally quilted by Maggie Bond at the Urban Quilter, it has 100% cotton batting. this quilt has gone to my cousin Glenys, who lives in Manchester, UK.

pic of quilt