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Trish's Quilt - i loved making this quilt, which started off as a cotsize quilt of six blocks. then one day i decided to make it larger... it's now king sized. i really enjoyed working with these materials and this pattern - streak of lightning - and the brown i tried to make more visually interesting by shading into reds and purples at one end and oranges and beiges at the other. it washes extremely well (i had it on our bed for a while). it has found a home with my dear cousin Trish in Sussex, UK. one of my favourite quilts. professionally quilted by Maggie Bond of the Urban Quilter. this is, sadly, the last piece of quilting that Maggie Bond did for me - she died in July 2003, of leukemia. She was a brilliant quilter and i, and everyone else who knew her and her work, shall miss her very much.

pic of quilt

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